What is the purpose of Job Asaan?
Job Asaan aims to facilitate women in their search for employment opportunities by optimizing their chances through the help of experienced HR professionals. With proper training and career counselling women can hope to have a sustainable career growth and contribute to the economy of Pakistan.
Who can apply?
Women with an undergraduate degree/bachelors can apply. Fresh graduates or experienced women can apply. Women who took a break in their career and want to reenter can apply.
What services are being offered?
Job Asaan offers training to some of its beneficiaries in order to enhance their job-related skills. Trainings include awareness about cultural problems at the workplace, professional communication, as well as development of writing skills. Furthermore, we aims to offer a women-only co-working space to all its subscribers and provide resources like scanners, computers and a reliable internet connection. We also offer counseling in areas such as CV making, preperation for an interview and general work-related counselling.
How can Job Asaan help you find a job?
Job Asaan offers access to an online job matching portal. Once you sign up through our online portal, you can be matched with suitable jobs and employers according to your profile created in the sign-up form. Beneficiaries wishing to apply for a job can directly send their application to employers through Job Asaan’s online portal.
How much do I have to pay for the services?
All the services offered are free.
How to apply for a job?

You can apply for a job by signing up on the Job Asaan web-form. Beneficiaries can fill the registration form online by clicking on the link below: