Job Asaan is a model intervention launched by Punjab Commission on the Status of Women to increase female labour force participation in Punjab. Currently, the women’s participation rate in the labour force stands at 24% nationwide in Pakistan and about 28% in Punjab. Only 25% of the women in Pakistan who have a college degree work outside their homes. The main reason cited for this is the inability to find a suitable job. Job Asaan aims to fill this gap by helping educated women find jobs and enter the labor force. Women looking for jobs can sign-up through the Job Asaan online portal and be matched with suitable employers according to their profiles. In order to improve the profiles of individuals, the center will offer female-only staff coupled with a female-only co-working space. The center is equipped with state of the art computers, internet, and printing facilities all provided free of cost. Other services that Job Asaan offers includes trainings, mentoring, and job counselling


Job Asaan invites industry experts to come talk to our beneficiaries, to help them choose careers, and evaluate ways to deal with industry challenges.

Skills Testing

Skills tests are quick 15-minute tests including, but not limited to MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and Business Writing. These tests can be taken by anyone who wishes to identify their strengths, training needs or career options best suited for the skill set they have.


Job Asaan offers training to its beneficiaries to enhance job related skills. Trainings target particular skills that the beneficiaries need to find jobs, to maintain jobs, and to perform well at them.

CV Making

Job Asaan’s career counselors help make professional resumes for its beneficiaries that can be used in the job market.

Job Matching

Job Asaan has a pool of employers that share job openings with us. We match CVs with the openings we receive and share them with candidates who can then apply for jobs that they like.

Job Application

The Job Asaan team prepares documents for candidates who have been matched with a job they are interested in. Training and Career Counselors review the documents to identify any errors. Once approved, the prepared applications are sent to firms.

Co-Working Space

This space offers IT resources and a safe women-only environment for those who wish to work but do not have the right resources to create or edit resumes, explore job websites and apply for jobs online.

Leadership Circle Employers