Women who have signed up with Job Asaan can book an appointment to meet our Training and Career Counseling Officers (TCCOs) for counseling. If they have not signed up yet, they can seek guidance from a TCCO on how to fill the form. Beneficiaries provide information related to their qualification, job interest and experience, if any. The TCCO then guides them on the following:

  • Services: TCCOs inform the beneficiary about the services Job Asaan provides, including CV making, job application, job-matching, mentorship, skills testing and training.
  • Skills and Career Interests: TCCOs help beneficiaries identify their interests and discuss potential career options relevant for them. They guide them about additional qualifications and trainings that beneficiaries will need to pursue for their identified career. If the required trainings fall under EFH trainings, beneficiaries can register for those trainings.
  • Career Obstacles: TCCOs guide the beneficiaries about actual or potential challenges that they may face at workplace. These may include gender discrimination, harassment or maintaining work-life balance to name a few.
  • Resume Building and Writing a Cover Letter/Email: Once the TCCO has discussed professional interests, skills and career obstacles, she will work with the beneficiary on her resume. The aim of this section is to come up with a professional document ready to be sent to employers. This will involve improving the resume design and content. There will be discussion on what to include in the resume and what not to. The TCCO will also guide the beneficiary on writing a professional cover letter and email that goes along with the resume while applying for a job.