Job Asaan provides trainings to both job seekers and managers of firms. Trainings for job seekers focus on job search, job performance and management of long term careers. Trainings for firms are aimed at bringing diversity to the organization, facilitating career progression for women and preventing harassment at workplace.

Our trainings will be interactive in nature allowing participants to deal with actual work place scenarios and problems. We will also include testimonials from important industry players for both firms and job seekers.

Training Topics
  • Career progression Do’s and Don’ts
  • Professional and Business Writing
  • Verbal Communication Skills - Confidence Building
  • Working on Microsoft Word
  • Working on Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Working on Microsoft Excel
  • Professional Etiquettes and Grooming
  • Tips to Make a Winning Resume
  • Making the Most of Your Job Interview
  • Dealing with Sexual Harassment at Work
  • Job Networking Tips
  • Managing Life Cycle Transitions
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership