The “Generating Data to Advance Women’s Social and Economic Wellbeing in Punjab” project was envisioned by the Commission in accordance with the stated objectives of the Punjab Government as given in the Rules of Business of Women Development Department and the Punjab Commission on the Status of Women Act 2014, which provide for “expansion of investment in women’s socio-political and economic development to achieve the goal of Gender Parity; and collection of quantitative and qualitative data and conducting of research on the status of women in Punjab to highlight issues at appropriate forum.” Furthermore, the Government of the Punjab aims to encourage the private sector to adopt employment policies to encourage women’s participation at the workplace according to Item 13 of the Women Empowerment Initiative (PWEI) (2014). The Commission therefore undertook the proposed research in line with its mandate and functions as enunciated under PCSW Act 2014 and to forward its agenda “to sponsor, steer and encourage research to generate information, analysis and studies and maintain a database relating to women and gender issues to provide knowledge and awareness for provincial policy and strategic action for women empowerment.”

The objectives of the project are twofold:
  • To generate provincial and district level representative data on the economic and employment status of women in Punjab, establish a baseline for monitoring of Sustainable Development Goals 5 and 8 to support policy actions based on the evidence generated;
  • To model evidence-based and targeted interventions to enhance women’s empowerment in Punjab and to reduce their vulnerability to various forms of discrimination and exclusion.